Complaint: Summitworks Technologies make fake green cards, EAD GC cards and H!B Visa for their employees. The employees are OPT students who just graduated from college. Both these students and the company makes fake resumes where it shows that the students have four or five years of programming experience. The OPT students are a disaster at interviews and one of them came to us and bragged about a code he wrote and bullshi*ted through out the interview. When we caught him in his lies. He told us why he did whatever he did. The student told me that he had signed a contract with the company that he would have to pay them back a $1000 per month if he quits. He came to us with a fake EAD GC and said that the company makes fake green cards for employees too. The green card verification process has many loopholes. One of them being that when the number is entered in the system, the computer shows whether the green card is valid or not. It does not show who the owner of the green card is. We let the student go but we had a very interesting discovery regarding indian consultancy companies.

Tags: Computer Programmers

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