Summary Sumo Lounge failed to deliver the product ordered and is now failing to refund the original purchase price. On October 26, 2014 I ordered two Omni Reloaded chairs from Sumo Lounge, order #2737930. The original offer was for a pre-order of this product with a promise to deliver them in December of the same year. I paid $343.09 Canadian. Beginning February 2, 2015 and continuing to today I have been attempting to get Sumo to either deliver the ordered products or refund me my purchase price. They did offer to provide different colours than I ordered, or alternative products, and have promised refunds. That said since February forward nothing has actually been delivered, or funds returned. I have had 13 distinct contacts with this company and over the past month have been promised refunds no less than four times. Refunds are always going to show up in “3 to 4 days””. I can provide the entire email conversation with their support department and documented notes from each phone call upon request. Please resolve this Sumo Lounge. At this point I don’t want the chairs

just my money back. Ryan”

Nationwide USA