We signed up for their VIP tanning package. It is automatically billed to your credit card on a monthly basis. You must commit to the VIP membership for a minimum of three months. In order to cancel the membership you must deliver a written letter to Sun Your Buns’ stating that you want your VIP membership cancelled. This letter must be delivered one month prior to the date you want your membership cancelled. nWe delivered our cancellation letter to Sun Your Buns exactly two months after signing up for the membership and one month prior to the three month anniversary. We did not hear from Sun Your Buns for five months after the letter was delivered and assumed everythign was taken care of. A charge then showed up on our credit card for $188.00. Sun Your Buns said that we never delivered a cancellation letter (we did). We were told to speak with Ted Perry, the owner, who was (and continues to be) unreachable. We then disputed the charge with our Bank and got the money back and closed the credit card account. nThree months later we received a letter from a collector (Integrated Credit Solutions) stating we owe Sun Your Buns $330.00 plus a $50.00 collection fee. My guess is that they attempted to charge our closed credit card. We were not notified of the problem and the false debt went straight to collections. nPlease avoid Sun Your Buns at all costs, or at the very least deliver 100 copies of your cancellation letter daily to ensure they do not lose it. For if they do lose your letter you will run into the same problems everyone else here has. nChrisnWesterville, OhioU.S.A.

275 S. Sunbury Rd Westerville, Ohio U.S.A.


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