Dear Sir/Madam: I will appreciate that Mr. David Beasley is made aware of this complaint/warning. My husband and I attended a “seminar” in SYRACUSE, NY upon receiving a postcard offering a free flight on Southwest Airlines, allegedly valued at $1,000. The postcard left nothing to your imagination that Southwest was somehow involved. After watching an impressive PPT presentation and listening to dishonest, unethical, believable, fast talking sales people, we MOST UNFORTUNATELY bought into this “wholesale travel club” at a cost of $3,397.00. We have tried REPEATEDLY asking them to please recind the contract and credit our credit card. (We cannot afford an attorney.) They offer NOTHING that I cannot accomplish on Kayak. When I did attempt to use them, it was nearly impossible to talk with anyone, and when I did they were not knowledgeable. Phone calls were not returned, and my inquires resulted in them sending ME the Web sites to research. The BBB in Arizona is investigating on our behalf (case 10319260). A slide was shown stating there were/are BBB accredited, when in fact they are not. This was a distinction that my husband and I took as a credible company. We saw them “quietly” turning away people at the door, if they didn’t have a major credit card. The CNY BBB has totally dismissed my complaint/concerns/warning by repeatedly referring me to the BBB in Arizona. I believe this letter should act as a warning to fellow New Yorkers, and especially to retirees. Much has changed since September 14th and we cannot afford to travel nor are we able. Dr. Poulos who owns the company suggested we give it to our daughter! We’re not even letting our daughter know about this irresponsible, disastrous financial decision. My 76-year-old husband is so stressed and is experiencing anxiety over this fiasco, and their unwillingness to help us. In fact, I suggested a compromise, and Dr. Poulos said he’d get back to me “next week.” (That was three weeks ago.) Now they are deliberately and actively not allowing me to talk with either him or a “Ruby” who I had also spoken with. .

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