Dream escapes called me on my home phone,Said i could get a 5 day 4 night stay at there resort for 99.oo dollars plus taxes which was 15.00 aday. I told them to send me paper work on it and i would look it over. The rep told me they couldnt because of the exspence. So i told him to call me back after i looked at there web site that he gave me www.mysunnyTravels.com. So i did he called me back i was still alittle concerned. asked him alot of questions. He said it was 4 adults 4 children 2 tickets for 2 at universal studios or i could up grade and not take the tickets. well when i tried to book they started to give me the round around. First it was i had to fax the form then they said they gave me the wrong form, then when i finally sent everything in i didnt hear from no one for 3 months, so i called back and some returned my call. He gave me another number to call, there rep answered. I tried to get my conformation number he try to tell me i cancelled 2 months ago. i said no your mistaken. he then looked it up said my name but it wasnt my name it was a different name. Then told me he would put it back through and hung up on me. i called back said ser you hung up on before you gave me my conformation number he told me if i didnt like it he would cancell me all together hung on me again. Itried to call them back no one would answer my calls after that. left many messages all that day no call back

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