You will receive a phone call where the representative says you qualify for an extended warranty, ask you a number of personal questions to confirm your identity, then they will transfer you to another person who identifies themselves as your direct representative. Then you get transferred again to a "make believe" department who will confirm if you qualify for the extended warranty and you gets questions like: have your engine light been on during the last 90 days?, have you had any engine problems in the last 90 days?, etc, etc. Once that is done you get transferred back to your "direct representative" who now tells you, that you qualify for the extended warranty they advise you that this is a final offer and you have to make the decision at the moment. They quote you for full bumper to bumper warranty on the car with a $100 deductible, road side assistance, free rental. With a down payment of only $369 (which you need to pay over the phone at the moment) and then once you get your warranty extension card you need to make a monthly payment of $184 for the next 18 months.I asked if I could give them a call back of if they could call me back later in the afternoon because I needed to do research and the representative said there are no call backs, and insisted that I needed to make my mind at the moment or I would loose the offer. I told the representative I cannot make a decision at the moment, I don’t even know who your company is and I need to do my research first.The representative became angry and rudely hung up the phone. (If you attempt to call any of the numbers provided you get a message that says number is not accepting incoming calls or your call cannot be completed as dialed)This is clearly a scam, they want you to pay $369, and once you pay that money I am sure they are gone for good. I didn’t fall for it, please be careful with these scammers.