On top of telling me car did not have a drop of paint work and driving home and feeling a shake and heated seats not working . Then going to bmw and finding out car has bent rim and entire seat needs to be replaced and finding out 3/4 of the car was painted . My main problem is not title or plated after 70 days . I’ve left 25 messages and not one response. I finally got owner Sam gilstein on phone on the 13th and he said he was waiting for my title and pretty much didn’t care that car couldn’t be driven because temp plate expired. He said be patient, title would be in Friday morning. I’ve called 3 times on Friday and he’s of coarse not there and girl there said that no title either . She apologized and said she gets 30 phone calls a dayear about no plates or titles . I know have a $45,000 car sitting in garage .


  • Name: Sunrise Motors
  • Country: United States
  • State: New Jersey
  • City: South Hackensack
  • Address: 500 ROUTE 46 WEST
  • Phone: 201-462-9000
  • Website: www.sunrisemotorsinc.com/