Sunset Bay Academy formerly known as Oceanside and sometimes goes by California leadership Academy is a scam fraudulent child abusing school in Mexico that exploits and fools American teens families while traumatizing students. Reported usage of pepper spray, unwarranted and unusual physical force, confining kids in hot dirty rooms in uncomfortable positions for weeks and other deplorable crimes take place inside the school unbeknownst to anyone outside, and children have no real help or representation to report the abuse once their parents leave them there stripped of their rights, belongings and any freedom or contact with the outside world. | They use capitalist indoctrine to condition and manipulate kids via the program before kids are able to learn to think for themselves at a crucial developmental age. They take any students from juvenile gang members to 12 year old students that have not gotten into trouble who simply have gotten too old and are not as cute to parents who do not have capacity to be around growing teens. The integration and peers are not well regulated for impressionable students. The staff is unqualified and they joke about lying to parents who visit about their jobs and titles and reputation in their country. | The staff are dirty low class criminals who party together on weekends imbibing in substances which they punish children for. They are poor influences on young kids and also bully and belittle kids under their care, degrading and physically torturing them so students report having lasting complex PTSD long after their stays in SBA. The doctors are not legitimate and have had to watch YouTube videos of medical procedures before performing on students. The Heredia family that owns and operates SBA are pros at embezzling and running from fraud as the founder Willie Guillermo or Heredia has been reported to have faked his death for tax evasion and scammed $10,000 from the program director amy ritchie who was hired from Ivy Ridge Academy in New York which was shut down by police due to child assault. She has a reputation at Ivy Ridge and SBA as being pure ignorant evil. She also seduced a female student and went on to live with her after both left SBA with another student. | There is no propriety or professionalism about this business. Willie left the business to be run by his wife Trinidad and daughter Christina Guillermo where they continue to scam and badly bulls* to parents about their program and treatment. There is no proper treatment or help for kids once inside and those who seek help are abused and conditions worse than when they went in. The staff makes death threats to those who see the corruption and to students to intimidate them to not say the truth of their experiences of the scam business. It is unsanitary and exploits kids, riddled with giant Mexican cockroaches, hurts and sabotages kids so they are not prepared for adulthood, is a money making factory hell hole that tried to do every dirty trick to keep kids hostage as long as possible for more money. They tell every parent not to believe a negative word about the place and use troubled teen label as a stigma to invalidate kids, hold transcripts ransom for bribes so kids can not complete college applications or prepare for academic futures beyond SBA, and lie about every single thing they stand for. They beat kids until their bones break then have upper levels urinate on them. They force inhumane torture even on brand new kids for no reason except to be sadistic. | The school was reported for sexual abuse to Tijuana police, reports are available online, they reopened and have been playing around with different names and use the common scam tactic of spamming online web PR links to boost their fake fraud ads and creepily monitor any honest reviews and have them removed.


  • Name: Sunset Bay Academy
  • Country: Mexico
  • State:
  • City: Tijuana, B.C.
  • Address: Del RocĂ­o 725, Jardines Playas de Tijuana
  • Phone: 1 619-342-3045
  • Website: