Sunset Harbor sold us a timeshare that was through RCI. After spending $15,000 and being told that we would be able to use this timeshare for generations to come, I receive a letter stating that they will no longer be an RCI timeshare and that I will no longer be able to exchange points for other resorts. They also wanted us to spend a large amount of money to exit the timeshare….really???? Who in the world would spend $15,000 to own the timeshare, and then spend $2,000 to un-own the timeshare a few years later? Our other option was to exit this timeshare and join a different program they have for a significant fee. The new program would require a large additional fee for every week you vacationed. If there is anyone that has been scammed by Sunset Harbor please let me know! I would love to join a lawsuit against them! Shame on you Sunset Harbor for selling us a dream and taking it away a few years later!!!


  • Name: Sunset Harbor Resort
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: Willis
  • Address: 7039 Kingston Cove Ln
  • Phone: 936-890-1226
  • Website: