I was denied a room upon arrival at the motel. Many rooms were in fact available and full standard identification was provided even including an AAA member card and a Super 8 Rewards Club member card. All normal and usual methods of payment were offered including credit cards and travelers checks. The desk clerk however refused to provide a room and refused to provide a reason for this action. nMultiple formal written complaints have been made to both Super 8 management and to the franchise owner, the Feeley Family Limited Partnership. Both the company and the owner have refused to provide any reason for their action, have refused to provide location information for witnesses to the incident, and have refused to provide any information on the results of the internal investigations they claim to have undertaken. They have completely stonewalled and have not made any good faith effort at a just resolution of the case. nI have concluded that after many months of unsuccessful efforts to obtain just treatment, that only formal complaints will cause this motel company to respond properly and justly to my complaint. Since they have refused to provide the requested reason for their refusal to provide a room to me, it must be concluded that their denial was based on what I believe to be unlawful and improper discriminatory factors. There is simply no other plausible reason for their denial of a room to me.

728 Horizon Drive Grand Junction, Colorado United States of America