I was told it was a nice place to stay for the price they charge me 50.00 for a room that was online and booked for 26.99 plus tax there over charging for the tax to it around 10% there hitting people for 17.0% and lies about it but that was not the worst thing about it the police were in their 3 times to arrested some people for drugs and more and the owner son mark I think that was his name was selling drugs out of the office and he asked me if I need anything just asked like to get high or a hooker to come to my room I told him I’m just here to sleep could even do that the ac broke in my room and had some elegal that works there come in and could not speak English language and he almost strat a fire trying to fix it all I know is that they had some elegal cleaning my room and she did do anything just took out the trash and I had to go to the office to get my towels to I asked mark why the room was not ready and I still move in he told me would take care of it and would I like to buy some fun and weed or something better I just look at him and want back to my room and after 1 hours some dirty smell fat looking Mexican women came to my room and I could not understand her gave me some towels and her number with a not saying anything else you want me to do for you I can do it for you in sex in small letter I could not believe it the next day I got ready to leave it was just after 1100 am and some guy comes banging on my door and a few other tell me to pay for the next day or get out and I got my soft and dropped off the keys to them that place was the worst place in town the back rooms are smells and dirty they have a lot of elegal immigrants working there and it not quite and the owner mark is a drug dealer and has nothing but wetbacks working there I just want you to know don’t say there unless you’re on drugs and alcohol and love wetbacks and dirty smell rooms and people who work there they need to have ice go into place like this and put the owner in prison and take his probably from them you don’t say some place to have the police coming in their and arrests the wrong people I give that place a -5000 for everything

17021 n black canyon Hwy phoenix , Arizona USA