rude people working there front desk and manger was so so rude ripped me off when I ckeck in over charge me for the room and when I ask him about it he asked me if I wanted to buy some drugs from him told him no and said why are you staying here your wasting my time by not providing him with a great deal on the room and drugs I need to stay here I told him give me back my money back so I can leave told me unless I do the deal forget it in not going to get it so I just pack up and left was not going to get shot for 60 bucks all I know is I never thought I ckeck into a super 8 motel and get rob by the manger I found soft missing from my room to after I left and got a new room some place else that place is so bad I could of got the police but it was his word against mine so please don’t ever say at super 8 on black canyon Hwy in phoenix Arizona unless you looking for drug and a hooker that all I see there the rooms are small and shity just want people to know about what happened to me on Dec 28 2013 at super 8 motel

17011 n black canyon Hwy phoenix , Arizona USA