I answered an ad on line for anyone experienced with HUD work. I immediately began work for Richard Reyes, cleaning out HUD foreclosures. He met me at the first job and acted like he was established company doing this for 7 years. He said I would have to wait 30 days to get paid. I immediately told him I may need cash before the 30 days, because this work costs money in gas and supplies. (average $150 – $300 per week) He said it shouldn’ t be a problem for me to get an advance. A few weeks into working with him, I needed the advance, and out of the blue, suddenly he acted as if my work was sub-standard, and couldn’t even advance me $100…. I have 2 years experience doing HUD work, and although there have been return trips to a house for a QC item, I hadn’t had any bad qc’s in well over 6 months. So suddenly I got a red flag, with how this whole thing was handled. At this point he owed me $1750.00 for cleaning and added, approved bids. t

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