BUYER BEWARE – DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY – USE AT YOUR OWN RISK nI ordered 4 toner cartridges from nAll 4 cartridges were defective and leaked toner like crazy. These were the first cartridges EVER USED in a brand new printer. ALL 4 bled so much toner that there is such a mess inside the brand new printer that we now need to pay a professional to clean. They bled all over the prints being made on a letter run causing over 1 thousand bad full color letters to have streaks all over them and be completely destroyed. nI contacted their customer service to arrange a refund and to talk to them about covering the cost of having a professional clean the mess in the printer (a VERY reasonable request). Now, I have been doing business with similar establishments for the past twenty years and yet I have never experienced such atrocious customer service. Extremely rude nasty “Marce”” (supervisor / manager / owner or whatever the heck she is) became cagey and belligerent and accused me of swearing at her. When I pointed out that I hadn’t sworn she said “”oh no

you didn’t””. What type of company do you run where you expect that everyone will swear at you?!?!?!? I was spoken to in a condescending manner and when I mentioned “”Down-Time”” caused by the printer she had a Pavlovian-type response and said “”that being a business meant I should…”” I Interrupted her there and said “” have had a back-up toner?”” She was dumbfounded. I explained that I had seen that she said that to someone else on another negative online review. I asked her the same request that I had asked the original person who answered the phone – that they simply issue a refund and pay to have the printer cleaned and brought back to where it was before these defective cartridges were put into them. I was told in no uncertain terms that they refused to make good on my simple request. She did tell me I was welcome to go to a competitor and “”try doing to them what I am trying to do to her”” – which apparently is simply trying to get good product

good service and accountability. She tried to hide behind small print on the bottom of the website (read as 4pt font in light grey) saying they weren’t responsible for their negligence ruining your printers. Sorry

but that simply isn’t sufficient. nThe moral of the story: n1) Apparently you DO get what you pay forn2) Make sure to research any company that you want to order from onlinen3) Don’t use … if you do

remember this… I told you so.”