I received a phone message numerous times stating that all Microsoft services were expired and about to be removed from my PC .The number that left the message was 855-329-8507 and instructed to call 800-390-2425 . I finally gave in and called ,and the man on the phone 3 different times stated that he was from Microsoft and that the Microsoft key for my account and computer had been hacked and people were hacking into my computer.I was a little suspicious and asked questions,so this man put another man on the phone who claimed to be a Microsoft superviser.When I asked him a couple questions,he gave me a call back number as proof,so I foolishly believed him & started working with him to fix my PC . To my shock after a few entries he asked for,he suddenly was controlling my mouse.He then told me I owed $200.00 .I said no-way,your 1st man said NO COST!! I hung up and told him to get out of my computer .They locked me out of my PC and voided my password with their call-back number 315-215-0971 over my password box. I called DELL and they said I would have to re-install WINDOWS 10 and all the original factory settings at a cost of about $150.00 and it will be April 3rd before the disk gets to me and the re-installation can be completed. This was a total scam and very unfair!!!!!The company was Supremo/ Nanosystems ,and the name the man gave was CHRIS MORGAN. Their recorded message has been called to my home phone 7 additional times this afternoon since I talked with them.