I wanted to report a call we received on our home telephone. They gave a company name called Supremo.They wanted know if i wanted to cancel my contract with them for software. They said if we discontinue they will refund $300. I gave them access to my computer.They were putting $300 into my account as a refund. They accessed my account through teamview.I contacted my bank. and reported it. They made it look like they put $3000 in the account. Wanted me to get gift cards for $3000. They did not want me to call my bank. I played their game for a while. Told consumer we want our money back. Wanted the money sent to Pamela Taylor Great Falls SC. by Money Gram if I do not want to do gift card. I lost no money. The caller ID showed 855-724-2344. The two people I spoke with were very difficult to understand.