Complaint: Surexpress Has ripped off many of their drivers and also falsified DAC reports to hinder drivers from finding new employment. They are located in Oklahoma city,ok. They will short you on mileage pay, detention pay, and some loads altogather if your not on top of your settlement sheets. I had given them many opportunities to straighten out these issues or i would find employment else where. No such luck. I worked out a two week noticed and returned equipment to the terminal clean and whole. I never received my last pay check or money owed from past settlements. I’m not the only driver that was with this company to experience this treatment. DAC report Were falsified. I contacted them to ask it to be corrected but was told i destroyed a truck and urinated on the intieror of the vehicle. This is An absolute lie. Rumor has it that the Operation manger actually did this to the vehicle in order to sabotage me with the owner and future employers. Again, I say rumor. I’ve taken the time to file this report in hopes that i can stop this from happening to another hard working induvidual. Everyone deserves to paid what is owed. No more no less.

Tags: Work Place Bullies

Address: Nationwide USA