Folks do not deal with a Susan Felarca of Phoenix, AZ. Avoid her at all costs. | She is known around the travel business as Twisted Sister # 1(TW#1). She will rip you off. Beware of Susan ‘the Con Artist’ Felarca, Director of DR Consultants, she will scam you out of money & leave you hangin by a thread. I am 67 years old, retired GI, live on a couple of small pensions. TW#1 scammed me out of $41K+, requiring me to send her upfront money over an 8 month period from August 14 to April 15, She claimed She would make vacation sales for me and double my investment to over $82K+. That never happened, She never did repay me the money despite constant phone calls from me to her. Credit card bills started coming in that I could not pay, I called her boocoo times and She refused to reimbursement me. Because of her, I was in fiancial choas & close to bankruptcy. She knew that, but would not help me. I was extremely close to financial ruin. | I filed with a Consumer Counseling Service company and they have helped me tremendously. She repeadedly ask me to trust her, I did, which in hindsite I should have never done. At the time, She was my Leader as Director, I had no reason to doubt her. Boy was I wrong! The majority of Drectors in this organization including the Board of Directors are legit & hardworking folks, the exception to that is is Susan Felarca, she is the bad apple in a pretty good quality company. She’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. She gives Coastal Travel a bad name. The Board of directors voted to shut her down, Corporate Hqs said no.


  • Name: Susan Felarca of DR Consultants
  • Country: United States
  • State: Arizona
  • City: Phoenix
  • Address: P.O. Box 32847
  • Phone: 1-602-377-5637
  • Website: