We had just moved back home from my husband getting out of the Army and didn’t have very many friends. Our children began sports and that is how we met her. She was a friend of my Co-worker. So football season went on next came basketball for the kids. We were all at BBQs all of our kids and us too. We went to a George Lopez show for my birthday and my husband sat in between me and his whore. It was then my husband began to act strange. I’d always had his passwords to everything and suddenly he changed them and gave me some stupid excuse. We’d be in bed and he’d have his phone on the side texting her. Just to go get a drink of water he’d take his phone. At one point my daughter saw a text from her on her father’s phone that said” you know I love you baby.” I asked him about it and he deleted everything as fast as he could then volunteered to show me the phone. Then we were eating and my daughter saw another text from her. I felt something was wrong. I’d cry myself to sleep. I had even asked him”Are you f**king around with Susy?” and his response was”f**k no!” || Come baseball season for my son and he wouldn’t even sit close to me and the kids because he wanted to be on his phone texting. The day right after Mother’s Day comes along and I’m at work headed to my lunch break when I get told that he isn’t where I think he is. He is at some house with her. Not only do I get told but I get a picture sent to me. Two days later I get called to work again but this time he is at her house. I since then have found out that he paid for her phone, took her to a hotel that charges by the hour, to her to eat but to drive in places. Took her to watch Fast and the Furious then watched it with us and pretend ass if he was watching it for the first time. || He goes over to her home where her children are and they are in the same grade same school as our boys. My son was told something about his father at football practice by the whore’s son. The whore caught me and my husband having sex and she felt cheated on. The kids wanted to go spend the night with their dad and he gave me some crap story that he had to work so I could leave the kids but his parents were going to watch them.  He didn’t have a job at all it was just so he could go to her birthday party. He doesn’t care that my kids don’t even want to go back to that school for fear of being told more of their dad hanging out with his whore’s kids rather than his own.