Well, I’ve been married for 5 years almost 6. It’s been a rocky road as we both were young and he was my first relationship. I stood by him through everything – personal battles he struggled with within himself, addiction etc. We have 2 boys ages 3 and 1. We separated in April against our will due to a legal issue but still were very much married (I thought and was given same impression) and committed to our family. We lost our home in June which is when it all began to worsen. I always suspected through the years he’d been unfaithful but every time I asked he denied and I wanted to believe he was faithful. Well, July cane around and he confessed to cheating 2 weeks prior to this day when he was out of town and told me trust him, he was devoted to me. Also said he’d cheated too many other times. He moved about 3 hours away. I never thought I could forgive him but he made steps toward change so I forgave him. 1 week later, he was visiting where our boys and I live and staying with a friend. We made plans to go camping as a family next day. || Next day came he never called or answered his phone nothing. I was certain he O.D. or someone mugged him and left him for dead, I searched high and low. I called police and found out he called 911 the day he was missing… when i thought he was warm in bed he was at a birthday party… police said everyone involved was drunk and gave me address of where they went. I thought it was an apartment complex and went there asking around about a party and nobody had a clue! Little did I know there was a house hidden back behind the apartments which was actually where the police and my husband had been. 3 days came around and I learned from his mother he got his bag stolen and punched in the face and I learned from his friend he was with somebody’s”baby mama” and got punched. I assumed it was a fling from a bar or something. I was wrong. I had to contact my husband as he still had not called me. We made plans to talk. While we were together he left his phone so I went through it and found text messages from stephanie”Steph” the homewrecker that go as far back as June when we lost/had to sell our home for pennies. She worked at the gas station a half mile from our then home and she lived less than a half mile from where I was currently residing. My husband was screwing her in that close of proximity. It only happened one time but they talked about doing it multiple times and the were sexting. Even on the night that my husband and I had very emotional lovemaking session, they were trying to figure out how they could but she blew him off. Anyways, he left his phone and i put her # in Facebook where I learned who she was. I found a business card my husband said was for our family pictures but upon Facebooking the business, I found he was a photographer who captured the moments of Susanna Stephanie Sanford ‘ s birthday… low and behold, pictures of my husband and her on her bed, one of him looking at her like a piece of meat and several of her on other guys! She was clearly loose and immoral and just pure trash! I saw more than I cared to. Anyways, I text her from his phone explaining our situation. No response. What we found out is, my husband got played and he allowed it to happen. He got his belongings stolen, and got in a fight with her baby daddy and the children were in the house and she’s in the middle of a custody battle with him so she got more dirt to use against him. So she brought her slutty drama into my family life and the sex meant nothing to her yet tore a devoted dedicated wife and mother of this man’s children to pieces. I died a thousand times when I learned of this and all I can say is you get what you give. My husband says he has guilt because he’s apiece of shit and I am too good for him and better than he deserves… so what does that say about you Miss Susanna Stephanie Sanford… you were the trash he thinks he deserves, you were the downgrade, and I get great satisfaction out of that, I don’t compete with trash, don’t have to.