Susun Weed herbalist Saugreties New York!!. I have just returned from completing 7 days of what was intended as a six-week live-in Shamanic Herbal Apprenticeship with Susun Weed.Before I embarked on my journey to study in person with Susun Weed, I listened to her three-years of blogtalk podcasts, read her books, watched her YouTube videos, and took a correspondence class. I also researched her extensively and talked with a past apprentice. I still chose to take the journey. Ego allowed me to justify or put negative reviews aside, after all, they are outweighed by the myriad of positive reviews describing a life changing experience.My three second elevator speech about my experience is that I journeyed to Oz only to reveal the “woman” behind the curtain; to discover the reality of the great and powerful Wizard. I am so thankful that I drove (a 28-hour drive) to Susun’s. My car was a great substitute for Dorothy’s ruby slippers.Here are my thou

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Susun Weed