SVS Auto Repairs and Dyno Tuning | 19 Muir St, | Bungalow Cairns Qld 4870 | 24/09/2017 | I had taken my car in to SVS by Tow Truck to get running properly & “repair the motor” due to negligence and sabotage of another motor mechanic company a few days earlier. | I spoke to the manager of SVS about a complete rebuild of my engine after he gave me the diagnostic outcome of my motor saying that it was recommended that it be rebuilt if I wanted it to have a clean bill of health and a warranty. | I gave him the understanding that I don’t have a lot of money as I am on the pension, and the previous mechanics bled me dry of my personal savings, and acted with misconduct in the procedures of repairs to my motor and car 3 days prior to taking it to SVS. | The manager of SVS gave me a verbal quote of $6,000 in total for a complete rebuild, plus the diagnosis and troubleshooting cost of engine running rough. | So I gave the go ahead for the repairs to Leigh Holman the manager of SVS who gave me the verbal quote for a rebuild of my engine with a warranty, for the sum of $6,000. plus diagnosis to get engine to run properly! I paid him $1,200 straight away. | Then returned the next day with a further $2,000 all as a down payment towards the verbal quote for the rebuild etc. | I then also notified the manager of SVS at the time I was suspicious that there was foul play, and breach of duty of care with the software and engine in my car due to negligence and sabotage off the previous mechanics. | The manager of SVS responded that he could not see why or understand how the previous mechanics would do such a thing. | So I advised Leigh Holman the manager of SVS to check the software after the rebuild of my engine. He stated that he would check the software was not locked then check the software on the dyno when they tune it, which he agreed on. | He stated that if it was locked he could get a guy in to unlock it for $200, | Then SVS would either tune it up with the existing software or retune it under their own tuning software. But never the less check over the software after the rebuild of my engine which SVS agreed on!!! | Then five weeks later I went in to SVS to pick up my repaired car. | The manager of SVS said “We checked the software and it was not locked and we did not retune it’’ The manager said ‘’I think it is fine’’? – Before handing me a Dyno graph of 540hp. | Which It was missing 80 HP. | 2 | When I looked at the graph I noticed the dyno was very irregular in its climb up to the diagrammed 540hp which drew to my attention that there was something wrong with the existing software tune from the previous mechanics. | I said to the manager of SVS I want the software checked because of my suspicions and it was as if my words fell on deaf ears! | The manager stated that they believe the tune in it is fine, without cross checking it? | Then proceeded to tell me that they had put special oil in my engine to run in my new engine parts and then advised me that I had to drive 1,000 kms to run in the rebuilt motor, and then bring it back on completion for a service/oil change, which was fine. And then handed me a bill for $12,000. | I was horrified and started to complain to the manager about the increase to the bill by double the amount of the – “verbal quoted bill” which I can understand 15 or 25% increase but not 100%. | So the manager dismissed $2,000 but refused to hand over my car without me finalising the bill that day, and until I pay the bill in full SVS will not relinquish my car to me. | So I came back a few days later and paid the remaining bill of $10,000 and picked up my car. | While I was there at the mechanics my car kept stalling so they went in to the software and fixed the stalling problem I then drove home, on the way I put fuel in my car and noticed my car would keep running after I turned it off at the servo station. | So I went straight back to SVS and they fixed it immediately. | It was just a wire in the wrong slot in my fuse box. | Then on the way back home I noticed something was still not right, | In comparison to the last time I drove it before the motor’s tie bar lifter failed. | I suspected then that my software had been involved with foul play by previous mechanics. It certainly was not just a glitch? | Then a few days later I went for a long drive on the highway to clock up some km’s to do my 1,000 km engine run in cycle, and realised that there was something wrong with the software tune in my car between the engine talking to my high stall converter and auto transmission. As well as noticing that the car was blowing blue smoke on start ups, and when I accelerated on the highway to overtake, it blows a big puff of smoke. | I returned to SVS and spoke to Leigh Holman about my gearbox problem etc, and he said maybe my gearbox was on its way out, He mentioned to me that he had a spare auto transmission lying around for a rainy day. If anything went wrong with my current auto transmission and we could work a deal. | After doing about 200 kms out of the 1000 kms I notifying them that I am dead certain that there is a problem with the tuned software, due to negligence from previous mechanics. | I also made them aware that my car was blowing blue smoke on start up etc. he stated that it was blowing smoke because the motor might not have bedded itself yet, it could take up to 5000kms | I knew my auto transmission wasn’t on its way out because of the diagnosis tests I had done with my cars driving conditions on the highway and also being mechanically minded and knowledgeable of engine rebuilding. | Any car enthusiast knows their own car


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