Swagtron Swagtron. Com 100% Scam, sent garbage out Christmas 2016 South Bend Indiana!!. Bought 2 swagtron s3 hoverboards from this company on December 5th 2019 for my 2 kids. We wrapped them and put under the tree. Kids opened them Christmas morning and all was good. On 12-27 my son’s board stopped working completely. We emailed swagtron and after a week we finally heard back from them through a template email. We sent the unit back around the 16th of January after they finally sent us the proper shipping label. While waiting until Feb 3rd for his board to return my daughters board did the exact same thing as his where the power button failed, this must be common, so I waited until we received my son’s back before I sent off her board. Friday Feb 3rd 2019 we received my son’s repaired board and it ran beautifully for 7 days and went out again on Saturday February 11th. We shipped my daughters board off on Feb 6th. I have no doubt that when we recei

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