Complaint: Bought a used car recently. At closing on the vehicle they had the SWAT Karr Security System already installed and after reading their brochure it sounded like a useful device and theft deterrent. A GPS based device is in the vehicle and can locate your car at any time. Sounds great. The problem is that their website is very old, outdated, slow and hard to use. Supposedly you can send a request to them to update your vehicle’s location but that does not work and you get a fixed amount of updates that you can use per month, which is ironic because as I stated, the request system does not work. Right now my vehicle’s location is over 24 hours old and is showing my car in a place where I know for a fact that it is not. This could be a useful system if someone were to steal your vehicle, but with the lack of updates, it is less than useless. The phone app even gives you the option of reporting that your vehicle has been stolen. Ostensibly they could at that point try to locate your vehicle using their GPS system but by the time they locate it, your car could be stripped to the bones. Not worth the money. If a dealer offers you this. You might want to pass because the fact is an old active Android or Apple phone hidden in your car would do a better job at locating your vehicle than SWAT does. Don’t be mislead as I was that Karr updates on an hour by hour basis. No, they most definitely do not. Great idea. Faulty execution and very poorly designed website and app.

Tags: Auto Security

Address: United States