We just read a report of the same exact thing happening to us. We booked this vacation property over a month ago. Our trip is 2 weeks away and we just received notice through email that our reservation was cancelled. He stated that property had been sold. We just looked it up and it is not for sale. We already have purchased the airline tickets and rented a car. He offered no assistance to find us a new property. He supposedly returned our money, but we haven’t seen anything yet. He then told us that he was not the property owner, that he was just the booking agent. When we looked on the site, it states clearly that he is the Director of the company. He is extremely deceitful and now has left us with nowhere to go. We are extremely disappointed in this customer service. Being that this is not the first time he has done this to someone, we will be reporting him to the Better Business Bureau as well. He should not be allowed to ruin people’s vacations. This was for my daughter’s 2nd birthday and 3 families are now out of money.

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