Complaint: I was approached by Stephanie Stewart by email in April as she was selling mutliple Border Collies because of health related issues with her puppies and some of her adult dogs. After an agreement was made and after time had passed in order to ensure the health of Morgans Gidget (bred by Mike Easterwood of Morgans Border Collies) I paid her in full and arranged transport to get the dog to me in July 2011. I received her on July 1st, 2011. The dog was sent to me with ABCA full registration paperwork/pedigree, however the paperwork was not signed over by Stephanie Young. She agreed on multiple occassions in writing to sign the paperwork over to me for full registration with breeding rights. On August 8th, Stephanie Young Stewart traveled to Beaver Springs, Pennsylvania to purchase a puppy from my cobreeder with full registration which she received on the day that she picked up her pup. She then traveled to my house in Virginia unannounced late at night, DEMANDING to purchase Morgans Gidget back. I was not interested in selling the dog. I asked her to sign the papers, she refused and informed me that she would not uphold her agreement saying “You will never get your papers””. She was very agitated and at that point I told her to leave or that I would call the police. I then contacted AKC and was informed that Stephanie had registered Morgans Gidget into her name on August 3rd

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Address: many weeks after I had purchased and had possession of the dog. She has gone out of her way to breach her contract with me going so far as to call the breeder and convincing him to lie along with her. Morgans Gidget was originally sold to someone else at 8 weeks of age with full registration and no limitation of registry. HOWEVER

Website: Breeders Beware Stephanie Stewart is also in the business of buying pups

Phone: Mike Easterwoods and Stephanies story is now that Mike Easterwood SOLD THE DOG DIRECTLY TO STEPHANIE. NOT TRUE. This story was created by Stephanie Young and Mike Easterwood in order to prevent me from getting full registration. This was the ONLY way for them to block me