I work in a corrugated paper company. I have been working as an assistant CAD designer for over 1 year. We frequently receive emails from different companies that are either unidentifiable or steal the identity of a well-known company or have extremely obscure contact info. They always seem to know how to order, down to very fine details but always end up asking questions or requesting things that raise red flags. Normally the red flags that pop up are when these "new customers" request a quote and want to know payment options or request to pay right away before knowing if they are getting a good deal or not. Also, they always seem to want to use their own freight companies that either can’t be found in a google search or if you do find it, they have fake websites while using real names and addresses of verifiable companies. In this case with "[email protected]" His "contact Info" included an address that belongs to an elderly woman in Texas (found on public records) and his phone number was a "fake" freight companies contact info "swiftrans.net" found on their website, after a quick google search of the number. After connecting the phone number of "jaywolf" to "swiftrans.net", I quickly found out that this fake company is using swift freight, also called swift cargo’s address. (swiftcargo.com Swift Freight (USA) Inc) a legitimate company. As you can see here everything about this says scam. IM hoping people can catch these things before its to late and they get taken advantage of.