Complaint: This company is a complete SCAM! Their products don’t match the images on the website and then when you contact them to make a return (which according to the terms on their website, they will pay for return shipping for defective products), they refuse to pay for return shipping. Since they come from CHINA (even though they try to pass themselves off as an American company), the return shipping would be very expensive, so if you do pay for it, it leaves you with no refund. So basically, they falsely advertise their cheap crappy products and then you have no way of getting your money back when you receive something that doesn’t match the picture of what you thought you bought. SCAM! Also, the reviews on their website are totally fake. They recycle the same reviews across multiple products and REMOVE ALL BAD REVIEWS. Even if you leave a bad review, it automatically gives the review 5 stars (when you enter it as 1 star) and then by the next day, you’re bad review will disappear.

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Address: Internet United States