No contact after I wired them money.


My Complaint: The company is supposedly located in Buffalo, NY, but after ordering a watch I was told they had it in stock in the UK and needed to wire the money to them. I wired them $6,555 following instructions in an email. I received one email confirmation “Everything is OK regarding your payment. The watch will be shipped tomorrow morning. You will receive it on Monday, August 19th. We will contact you on Monday morning to schedule the exact time of the delivery. Sincerely,
Barbara Baldwin, Customer Service
[email protected]
Phone: 888-417-4446

This vague delivery information is suspicious–where is the tracking number? The phone number is disconnected and they have failed to respond to any of my emails requesting delivery information. This is a big scam.

Before I ordered the watch I did a search and found positive reviews for “” and didn’t notice the difference in the name! What a scam!

Barbara Baldwin in probably a fictitious name. I am filling reports to the attorney general’s office in New York.


My Demand: Full Refunt