This little ho moved to a town near ours and signed up to somewhere desperate for jobs. She got signed onto my husbands crew and started playing everyone from there. She slept with one of her co-workers and when he tried to tell everyone that he tapped the new girl Sydney Christie spread the lie that he was harassing her. Playing the victim I think she got to my husband because he was always too easy to fool. All his friends just take advantage of him and lie to him to get what they want and he was the perfect victim for this skank.  It started out as”innocent” texts and conversations but ever since I met her I knew she didn’t like me and she turned it around to make me look bad to everyone else. But eventually I caught her sending naked pictures to my husband. Saying how terrible I am and how I was treating him badly. || She has a son and was only looking for the next stupid guy to take care of her because the last one had enough of her shit. She had him lie and got me in trouble at work and he got a restraining order against me when all I wanted was to let him know how evil she is,  Now I feel like everyone hates me but I left for my own sanity. She’s an evil manipulative person who can make anything look in her favor. It won’t be long before he finally smartens up and moves and she’ll be on the mission again. Don’t let her into your life!!! Even though all his friends told him that SHE was the crazy one she made it out to be me.  Me and my husband were so happy before she came into the picture. I used to get sad about what could have been but now I’m happy a little ho jus came and took him. He didn’t deserve me and I can’t wait until I hear that she cheated on him too.