Synapse Group markets through surveys taken through online retailers. An individual can sign up for discounted magazine subscriptions. Supposedly, they will send a renewal alert 30 days before your subscription is up for renewal, with an option to continue or cancel your subscription. They are part of Time, Inc.. | My experience was: I made purchases through some major online retailers. At the end of my transactions with these retailers a survey window popped up. I went through the survey about my retail experience and at the end of the survey it gave me the offer and opportunity to sign up for magazine subscriptions. I signed up for various magazine subscriptions. I received an email that I signed up for these subscriptions, how much my discounted rate was for each magazine, at the bottom of the email it stated that I would receive a renewal notice 30 days before my renewal option was due. | I received the magazines I signed up for without problem and/or complaint. I also kept an eye out for email alerts, because some of the subscriptions were weekly subscriptions and I knew they would be up for renewal (estimated) 10 to 12 weeks after I signed up. I never received a renewal notice for any of the magazines I subscribed to. | On March 23, 2017, I checked my credit card account and noticed that my account had been charged $221.00 for two magazine subscriptions. I never received an email alerting me that my credit card was charged for the renewal subscriptions of these two magazines. I went through my saved emails and found the original email from Synapse Group and had to do a Google search just to contact them about this transaction. Once at their site, I had to create an account and afterwards, I cancelled every single magazine subscription I had with them. Through their website, I sent an email under every subject on their contact page that pertained to my issue. I then sent a detailed email to the Better Business Bureau about everything that had transpired and that I expected a refund due to their deceptive and fraudulent business practice. | As of this morning, March 24, 2017, I have been credited for all the outstanding subscription magazines that I have not received and for the two magazines subscriptions that were recently charged to my account. Synapse Group has not contacted me regarding this issue, not even to respond to any of the emails that I sent through their contact page on their website. | Beware of any sort of business dealings with Synapse Group. I am just one of thousands of people that have been deceived by their fraudulent business practices. They operate like ‘thieves in the night’. They know that if they give the option to renew a subscription, they possibly stand to lose the opportunity for profit. | I also hold the retailers affiliated with them as being culpable, because it is through their retail sites that Synapse Group is able to operate and manipulate consumers. I will also be contacting these retailers to confront their decision to allow such a business as Synapse Group to operate in connection with them, where their customers are concerned.


  • Name: Synapse Group, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Connecticut
  • City: East Building Stamford
  • Address: 225 High Ridge Road,
  • Phone: 203-595.8255
  • Website: