Complaint: I wired T.D.W. $2,750.00 for childrens clothing from macys all name brand fall and winter clothing . The owner of the company sent me 250 pc. of used clothing and junk. There was suppose to be 500 pc. of macys name brand clothing . First of all they ripped me off on the shrotage of junk they sent me. The owner Ralphel said he was not going to do anything about it. Ive talked to him on several occassions and still have not got my money or my merchandice I ordered Beware of this fraudulant Company. They will Ripp you off. Also U.S.A. Bargins is the same company The owners son runs it the number is 954-962-2111 Jack is the son. I sent back the junk they sent and still have not gotten my money or clothes I paid for Beware of These companys 1-800-987-1860 Thank you Click here to read other Ripoff Scamss on Discount Warehouse

Tags: Junk Dealers

Address: 192 north west northrise, Florida U.S.A.


Phone: 1800-987-1860