Like all other companies that claim we are “EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER”” so t-mobile claims the same. I am a sales manager by profession. I applied as an assistant store manager’s job at couple of t-mobile locations. One of their store manager saw my resume on a website and called me for interview. He was quite excited and friend while interviewing me. After interview he asked me if i have any question

so i asked him can you tell me how was my interview

was i able to impress you. He told me i did a good job and interview was the best he held until that time. But then he added some shocking words at the end that “”AS YOU CAN SEE THAT ALL MY EMPLOYEES ARE WHITE AND NOW I AM NOT SURE IF THEY WILL ACCEPT YOU AS THEIR COLLEAGUE””. Then i said well you called me for interview and you told me that you were quite impressed and now here comes the race issue. If you want we can overcome with that problem. But to now avail

he refused to give me that job. Well this wasn’t the only occasion. These so called Equal opportunity employers are also Sony Outlets