Complaint: I have a major problem with portion size at taco bell. I went to taco bell in short pump and ordered a Grande meal which anyone who visits taco bell on even a semiu2014regular basis knows is ten tacos. I prefer the soft tacos myself so I ordered those at the drive through. My tacos were ready in a minute or two and I was on my way . However upon arriving home i found that eight of the ten tacos were just lettuce with two or thre slivers of sheese and a quarter sized smear of grease. The others were just lettuce. If that wasn’t bad enough as I was eating the first taco (taco bell is a 35 minute drive away and I’m not going that far to return a few tacos) I felt something crawling on my hand. Upon inspection I realized the box with my tacos in it was filled with ants. Never again am I going back to that taco bell. Don’t replace my meat with your ants it’s just wrong.

Tags: Fast Food Restaurants

Address: short pump, Virginia USA