I ordered a new 2009 Takemi Jade Melody 11000 Comfort Masseuse Chair on 1/8/2009 and Takemiselect Wholesale charged my credit card $1,249.95 on 1/12/2009. Their ad indicated shipment in 7-12 days. I called the end of January and was told the chair would arrive the end of February. I called the end of February and was told the chair would arrive the end of March, possibly first of April. I asked for a refund and email acknowledgment and was promised it would be processed immediately. nOn 3/17/2009, I phoned to inquire regarding the status of my refund and was told they had not processed a refund that my order was still active, but they had no idea when the chair would actually be shipped. I again requested a refund and a written acknowledgement. Mike Thomas, General Manager, said he would process a refund but refused a written acknowledgement. nI immediately contacted the Melbourne Florida Better Business Bureau and the Florida Attorney General’s Office. The Better Business Bureau sent me a copy of my order invoice and a copy of the refund receipt, which I took to my bank to inquire why the money was not in my account. My bank called Takemiselect, who told them that their computers were off and they could not check on my refund; they also said that they were going out of business and that they did not know how long their phones or lights would be on. I checked their website just now and they are still advertising online and taking orders. nPrior to placing my order, I checked several online sites for reports of this company’s reputation and found it to be very good. I see reports on this site now that they have not treated customers fairly. But, I have not seen where they have fradulently taken money and given absolutely nothing in return except for a fradulently prepared refund receipt. nAnonymousnRoyse City, TexasU.S.A.

658 N. Wickham Rd., Melbourne, Florida 32935 San Mateo, California U.S.A.


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