TAKL Website for Homeowner requested handyman jobs. The worker or “Provider” employed by TAKL cheated me out of $90, which was a cash payment of $70.00 plus a $20.00 tip. I asked him if I could pay in cash and he said yes not realizing that that is not permitted since this was my first experience with TAKL. I did not get a notice of the job being completed on my iPhone because he apparently new that that would trigger a text to my phone by the TAKL app with the correct amount and that it was being charged to my credit card. So he took the $90 in cash and then the next day I received an email from TAKL saying they had charged my credit card on file for another $71.00 as payment. I immediately sent an email to them saying I paid the man in cash and they came back with the statement that “you didnt read the fine print” that we do not allow cash payment because we have no way of verifying if you paid cash (BECAUSE IN SPITE OF OUR VETTING PROCESS, OUR PROVIDERS ARE ALL DISHONEST AND LIE TO US) ( AND ALSO THE FACT THAT AS A CUSTOMER WE DO NOT TRUST YOUR WORD EITHER). I then tried to call and text John, the Provider and found out that the phone number that he called me on the day before “was no longer in service” and it also showed as a completely obscure number (1+336-554-7270) and not his 772 exchange number. TAKL claims they have 3rd party background checks performed and its obvious that they are not at all serious about the quality and depth of those checks and are negligent and obviously poorly managed. TAKL would not provide the Providers number such that I could track him down and have a talk with him about the money he scammed me out of. So TAKL has no accountability for the actions of their Providers, will not address the Providers actions on behalf of its clients, does not accept any responsibility for any wrongdoing by anyone, and will just fall back on the mountains of paragraphs and Disclaimers. No moral compass as an Enterprise that is only concerned with the bottom line. TAKL is a dangerous online business that is negligent in insuring the safety and protection of its subscribers by not properly vetting the people that are coming into your home. I would caution all homeowners to avoid using TAKL as they do not perform adequate background checks or hold themselves accountable when one of their PROVIDERS does poor work or scams its clients. Please spread the word Nationwide, on consumer websites and in social media to warn friends, relatives and consumers about the danger and risk associated with using TAKL for household projects using potentially dangerous and dishonest workers called Providers. United States


  • Name: Takl, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Tennessee
  • City: Brentwood
  • Address: 1005 Flagpole Court,
  • Phone:
  • Website: www.takl.com/