I bought a robe from www.tallexclusives.com but had to return it because it arrived too late for a trip we were planning. Also, the garment’s quality and workmanship were extremely shoddy. The website states that items must be clean and in new condition when they are returned, which is understandable. The return period is very limited and a return authorization number is required. I was careful to follow the instructions above, even attaching tracking and insurance to my return package since I was already uneasy with the transaction. The robe was shipped to me in a used Kohl’s mailing bag! As I suspected, the item was refused and returned to me. Actually, I was surprised that it was returned at all. I had expected to be told that they had not received it, thus the tracking and insurance. When I phoned the company, the owner’s reason for refusal was that the garment was dirty, “nasty””

and “”covered with animal hair.”” She also stated that she has photos to back up her claim

but sidestepped my request for copies of those photos. It’s obvious that I will never see them

or if I do they will have been “”retouched.”” Yes

I have a cat. No