I could not get to the phone on time and I heard a man talking. By the time I got to the phone he had (I thought) left a message. I went to get the message and there was none. I thought that was really strange. Someone in the household has a job that they are on call 24 / 7. I was home alone so I then went to the phone log and saw that it was a local number. There was no name attached to it so I had no reason to think anything except it was for the family member. I called the number and had to jump through minimal hoops until a man answered the phone and said “Can you hear me fine?”. I was startled and said nothing. He repeated himself and said nothing more. Dead silence. I knew this was not a normal call and, it wasn’t a call for the family member so I hung up. I had no reason to think that this was a nightmare of a call until later that night.When I made the initial call I was put on hold and they could not help themselves by promoting a website. I jotted it down while I waited. The address is Tmale.com. I did not look at it extensively, I saw that maybe it was an investment site, a loaning firm for debt consolidating. It appeared it had to do with money on some level. No sooner did I do this and the phone rang. It was a different number. I picked it up and it was the same man saying “Can you hear me now?” I said nothing and quickly hung up and got off of the website. I went to look up the phone number that just called me to write it down because it was different from the first number that I had. There was no number in the call log for the second call. This is very strange because my service logs absolutely everything and this call not being able to prove and find is the second it just felt wrong and slimy salesman like wrong thing! This needs to be reported!I Googled “Can you hear me fine now?” and that’s where I saw it. I saw that this whole thing is a scam and it’s scary. I continued to receive many, many calls like this for the rest of the day. When I went to look at my call log the number that I originally got from the call log and I provided I’m so fortunate I wrote down and have because it is not on the call log. It’s gone. It’s there that this man that I heard on the phone started to scare me. As I am writing this I just looked at the call log for October 3, 2019 the calls from this man are not there.I then noticed that my IPad as I typed was funny. I was hacked before a long time ago and knew what it was like. I quickly shut everything down and changed passwords. I then called Apple and they walked me through and I “rebooted” my iPad and thought that all was taken care of. Not so. Thursday, October 4, 2019, the man raged holy war all over my Twitter account and people I’ve been tweeting with for quite some time were now not responding because of what HE WAS SENDING MAKING IT LOOK LIKE IT WAS ME! I noticed that he started going through all of my APPs one by one. Abusing and using them as only a low life scum their could. Friday, October 4, 2019 I noticed that the man was using my covered up photo abilities. Somehow this man enabled my camera to film and photo. I’m very sick and I’m limited with what I can do and am able to do. I’m trying my hardest to get ahead of this man but he keeps doing things to all of my APPs to destroy what little I have left of my life. I started typing that I was very sick and if he had an ounce of decency he would walk away from me and leave me alone, I wouldn’t report him, I would act as if none of this had ever happened. He still unearthed all of my APPs and their settings. I cancelled my credit cards. I deleted APPs that made my life a little bit better for me because of my health. I thought that Friday , October 4, 2019 would be the end. That by me sharing my health issues with this man he would have some compassion and just STOP! Most human beings would.Saturday, October 5, 2019, I am on Twitter and I am typing and my typing is really strange. . . Again! It’s him. . Again! Apparently he does not have compassion and is just an ugly demonic decaying soul that can and is ruing a very sick persons world. I can barely get up and out of bed most days, I’m a shut in, I told this man this, typing it as he’s sabotaging an email or text I’m writing to someone. He does not care! I’m going to rest on the couch in the TV room with my family and watch Netflix. We go to type in the programs title and THERE HE IS! PLAYING with us chasing us through the alphabet as we try to chose the correct letters and he won’t let us and picks the wrong letters to delay and try to ruin yet another day in another way of my life! I HAD HAD IT! I took my I pad upstairs to my bedroom I got a photograph of me a couple of years ago and put it up to my IPad bawling and said this is what I really look like! Look at me now (and I put the IPad right up to my face) and said do I look like the same person I WAS? NO! I TOLD YOU I’M VERY VERY SICK, PLEASE JUST STOP THIS AND LEAVE ME ALONE! I couldn’t stop crying, I shut down my IPad and here I am. You would think that this story would end here but NO!I have EVERYTHING SHUT DOWN! I fell asleep, woke up and saw that the man somehow remotely turned on my IPad. HE HAD ALL OF MY MEDICAL RECORD WEBSITES OPEN LOOKING AT MY RECORDS, LOOKING AT MY HEALTH CARE! I SEE DOCTORS AND FACILITIES LOCALLY AND OUT OF STATE. HE FOUND THEM ALL! ! ! WHO DOES THIS, IT IS JUST TWISTED, EVIL, VILE, PATHETIC, MORALLY AND ETHICALLY CORRUPT NOT TO MENTION AGAINST THE LAW UNDER HIPPA LAWS! HE HAS GONE TOO FAR. HE VIOLATED ME ON THE WEB AND NOW HE HAS VIOLATED AND COMPROMISED MY HEALTH CARE RECORDS. HE DID NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO ENTER THE MOST INTIMATE PARTS AND DELICATE PARTS OF MY LIFE RIGHT NOW!First and foremost this man has reeked havoc on my IT WORLD. HE DESTROYED anything and everything I have left that I can enjoy in a social world since I can not and do not go out into the world. My skin crawls that that man violated me by going through my life socially with IPad and medically with all of my medical records.I file this complaint about this to you because this should not have to happen to another person ever again! No one sick or healthy should encounter the likes of this scam. And by the looks of it. I’m the only one in the area that is reporting such a vile incident. Please help and please be very aware!Sorry if this is type-o ed. Not grammatically correct, not checked at all. I did it fast to get it to you before he hacks in again and sabotages this! I need to get this to somebody. I need help!