They called from 866-822-6249 pretending to be a representative from Tampa Electric Company saying our electric business account was past due $712 and if they did not receive payment within one hour a technician would be coming out to shut our power off. They then instructed us to go purchase a Money Pak and call their billing and disconnection number at 844-233-2648. We gave this person the Money Pak numbers as instructed, then received a call back saying the amount that was given to us was incorrect and the actual amount was $745. They claimed they were going to fire the "employee" who gave us the wrong amount, and that we would have to go get more Money Paks for $745 and they would try to hold off dispatch from disconnecting our power. This is when we realized we had been scammed and lost $712. We reported the fraud to Money Pak and also to our local police station.