Complaint: Took truck to have new tranny put in. That was a Friday Halloween of this year. Told it would be done Monday by 8am. husband was starting new job where he needed truck that Monday. Went to pick it up and was not only not fixed but the transfer case was ruined. 3weeks later and a Enterprise rental truck later (1100.00) They said truck was fixed. Husband pulled out with us following behind. The same problem was there the gears were grinding and it was still slipping out of gear. Not only that but his gauges on the truck, fuel, temperature, ect..where not working anymore. They had hot wired the stereo to stay on without the truck turned on. This is an older Jeep truck. We took it right back and they kept it a day more and this time we got it to 6000W. and it did the same thing. we towed it home. The manager of that store was very sympathetic but said there is nothing he can do. We called down to the main store where the owners work out of. We got ahold of Blayne Tanner and he denied denied denied. He then proceeded to tell me their employees DO not give estimated dates of repair time. IF AND IF they did or might have he would fire then..He then proceeded to ask us if that is what we wanted was for hin to fire the manager of the store..In a very belligerent mean tone..Left us speechless. Hw was SO MEAN and Down Right RUDE…All we wanted was for the truck to be fixed beacause we had to borrow some of the money to get it fixed (1250.00) from my mom. My husband like I said was starting a new job and we needed his truck to work. Blayne Tanner not only laughed at us but basically said tough crap for you deal with it..We just wanted him to since we already paid 3wks ago and truck rental later fix our truck we needed for work.. PLEASE CALL AROUND…They Were also on GET GEPBHARDT on the news for more scamming and not fixing transmissions and then turning their backs on the customer not doing anything…PLEASE DO NOT GO THERE..Don’t throw your money away and get left speechless by rude demeaning HOTHEADS. Don’t be treated like nothing and what are you going to do about it you can’t touch us attitude. (I just now found your sight that is why there is a gap in time) Kellie W.V.C., UtahU.S.A.

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