FIRST – READ THIS ARTICLE: | medium . com / bescofield/source-tantra-continues-working-with-tj-bartel-despite-sex-abuse-allegations-7940529daf71 | Guy Shahar and Lauren Harkness both graduated from Source Tantra and they promote it at their events. | This fake speed dating event is a funnel to get people to go to Charles Muir’s workshops, where women get sexually assualted under the false guise of spirituality. | This is not even a real speed dating event. They basically stole the concept of a puja and renamed it “Tantra Speed Dating” as a complete marketing gimmick. | They have not distanced themselves or made any public statements against Charles Muir or Source and they continue to tell people to attend their workshops. This makes them guilty by association. | They are making thousands of dollars on this ripoff event of a stolen concept. | We have people planning on going to the location of each and every “tantra speed dating” event in the future and shutting it down. | We already have volunteers in major cities. If you live near a city that has a “tantra speed dating” event scheduled, contact me, and we’ll tell you how to legally protest the event. | EXPOSE THESE FRAUDS WHO PROFIT OFF OF WOMEN’S INSECURITIES.


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