I ordered a $300.00 “4 in. Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper”” for a King Bed through Target.com & opted for 2 day premium shipping because it was offered at checkout. The first problem came about when I did not get my package on time

then when I tried to contact them about it they would not respond until I notified them twice! Once they finally got back to me

they tried to say preparing the item took longer & the item was actually coming from another country. So

I told them they needed to refund me the $30.00 extra I spent on 2 day shipping & also take that option off of the site for this item if they truly couldn’t honor 2 day shipping because that is unfair to customers expecting their item to arrive soon. They got back to me another two days later (still no package) & said they could not refund my shipping & were trying to improve their site each day. Hahahaha You would think they would have refunded the money if they wanted to “”improve”” the site! So finally I received the package a week & 1/2 after I ordered it. When the package arrived it was such a RIPOFF! This product was not made of gel & was not even memory foam! It was a large egg crate type regular foam topper with a paper thin sheet of blue (assuming this blue material was supposed to be their impression of “”gel”” memory foam) glued to one side! I was irrate to receive this after alll of the trouble I hadx already been through trying to get the product! So

I went to an actual Target store to return it