So I want to order my daughter a Small Wonders Floral Butterfly crib bedding set. I am in love with this and it is nice that Kmart takes your Sears card. However claims that the bedding set is available in stores but I have checked at 6 different stores and none of them carry it. So I go online to order it from them and, oh sorry we only take you Sears card as payment in stores. So then I proceed to ask the online rep if the set could just be shipped to a local store and she says no. Okay so I want to order this but I can’t get it in the store, you won’t take my Sears card as payment online, and you won’t ship the bedding to a local store so I can pay for it there. Gee I wonder why Kmart has had so many problems staying in business. GO WALMART. KMART SUCKS! nTrishanDavenport, IowaU.S.A.

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