My Post to WARN consumers: DO NOT SHOP at TARGET!! If for any reason you might have to return (we all do) Target’s company policy is not reasonable for the average consumer. nI recently attempted to return a cheap baby stroller I received as a gift as a new Grandmother. I did not have a receipt it was a gift but I did have my daughter’s credit card # from which it was purchased. HA! No receipt, No return. nI would be allowed to return for another item of the same type. Now why would I need another stroller when I didn’t need the first? A new grandmother needs only 1 stroller. nI spoke with the guest service manager, the store manager and every customer around me. All were kind & firm. No exceptions. nI would gladly have been happy with store credit to be used in any department. I would have been happy to have store credit even to buy baby clothes. I could only buy another stroller. nI decided to try out that return policy on another discount store. I had 3 small items to return, I had the receipts but I chose not to use them to see what the return policy would be. WalMart returned all three items totaling about $26 and gave me CASH BACK. nI realize that Target has the right to publish any return policy that they deem reasonable for their stockholders. I also have the right to shop where I chose. I will shop where it is good for me and Target has lost that label. nI buy alot from Target, thousands each year.nI like Target products, I like the store layout, I like that it is clean but I will never buy a gift from Target again. I will not buy another item from Target. Target lost a loyal customer over a $15 stoller. nKathrynnGridley, CaliforniaU.S.A.

1951 E 20th Chico, California U.S.A.


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