Complaint: Target Pharmacies charge three times as much for many commonly used generic drugs (such as, in my case, levothyroxin for Synthroid) as do competitors such as (((REDACTED))), and offer no explanation. The pharmacist just said that it now costs $30 for a 90 day supply with my insurance, a BC/BS Medicare Advantage Plan that includes prescription drugs. The same insurance had my co-pay at $10 for 90 at Walmart/Sam’s, and even at Target until 6 months ago. (((REDACTED))) still lists the copay as $10 for 90. There’s a new (((REDACTED))) near my house, so I’m changing my default pharmacy back to (((REDACTED))). Overall, Target’s Red Card is a joke. One rip-off like this cancels out all the 5% savings for a year!

Tags: Pharmacies

Address: Nationwide USA