Complaint: Having been a member of Target’s Pharmacy Rewards since it’s inception, I was particularly both amused and offended when the program ended and the ‘complimentary’ 5% off discount card was sent to me. As I use Target Pharmacy exclusively for prescriptions, I have always received these 5% off certificates in the mail monthly. And, without exception, they arrive already expired. Kind of crazy. Last week I got this final 5% off certificate from Target that expired on 1/1/2016. Interestingly, I got TWO of them. And, they were expired before they were even sent. I asked my local Taregt Pharmacy why this happens and they basically said this was normal. ?? Wierd, eh? So, I am not really ranting, but wondering just who else has fallen victim to this Taregt Scam and not bothered to report it?

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