America wake up we are home of the brave, land of the free, but watch out! There are groups of young americanos wanting to be politically correct and are pandering to select groups of american hate mongers. People who have found their way to live in America but hate America and Americans. nI was told that I could not talk about God, pray, nor watch religious programs on lunch or breaks or anywhere on the company property. Elderly and disabled, I was assigned to complete difficult tasks unlike the younger employees (anchor babies), employees hired from a roster of friends and relatives that live in all parts of central & south america, iraq, and beyond, including home grown employees who are trying to climb to the top by lying & stealing from the company. When I complained to Lindsey the newly hired HR person she immediately went to work to tell the entire store the information I had given to her in confidence; making all store employees absolutely furious that fraud and theft had been exposed. nEventually, some supervisors were transferred to perform their terrorist in other stores in and out-of-state. Me I lacked one year to be fully vested for retirement, but I was told to leave. I had worked for Target when the store first opened in the late ’90’s, and it was a rewarding experience. This incidence occurred with my second employment in 2006. nQuestions for people reading this: Do you know who is driving those target trucks, do you know they can’t read or speak english? Do you know exactly what is being transported in those trucks and who is benefiting? Wake Up America. Because Target employees & their friends are not the only people laundering those $100 bills. Santa Fe, NM has plenty of dishonest people doing that. We are only a few hours drive from boarders not America. nLucinda nSanta Fe, New MexicoU.S.A.

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