I debated and debated on posting this, but I’ve decided I should. I was with him for 3 years. 2 were of him being in prison. I know I know, what the hell was I thinking. Well I’ve learned so much from him and I’m glad I’ve realized what he is. When he came home, I thought everything was good. Until he put his hands on me the first time and gave me a bloody nose. Then I found out I was pregnant with his child. Oh my my my. He would never help me in my home. He would always be so angry an mean with me. That’s when I knew we wouldn’t work out. But he just wouldn’t leave. He got a phone. Kept a lock on it and erased everything. I didn’t care BC I didn’t want to be with him anymore I just let him stay for reasons unknown I guess because of my pregnancy hormones, I was ignorant. Wel l, if gave me 2 black eyes BC he thought I stole my own money from him that he had. Really. I was 5 months pregnant with his child and he dragged me off the bed onto the floor on my stomach. || While he was abusing me he was talking to all these girls. How many idk. Him an this Tasha girl could have been talking for who knows how long. He would leave in the middle of the night and I would wake up and he would be gone, saying he was at his friends house. Yea I’m sure you was.while he was out here doing this man looking thing. I never caught him till the end. But its funny how that goes. One night he got drunk. Like he did everyday. Always a pint of 1800 everyday. Well he hit me in my mouth gave me a big ass lip they he repeatedly hit me in my face my whole right side was swollen my left eye was black and blue and it was huge. Those big sunglasses wouldn’t have covered it. I should have called the cops. I was dumb. What is wrong with me? Well the next week I found him at another girls house that lived behind me. Said it was his friends baby mama. That’s a whole other story. But that led to us fighting. I was pissed he was with this girl. So he came home to pack his stuff and leave, as he was doing so I broke his 28 in flat screen that I bought. So he punched me in the back of the head and threw me on the ground and kicked me in my stomach while I was 34 weeks pregnant and told me I ain’t want a baby with u and u knew that. I went to the hospital immediately my baby was fine. I pressed charges on him. He went to jail. 4 days later was his court date. Who shows up at his court date? This woman. So you’re telling me you didn’t cheat but this man thing is here four days after we broke up? Never gonna believe that. Then while he’s in jail she messages me saying that they engaged and gonna have their own child. Well thank you for taking this scum off of my hands. Now he wrote me a letter from prison because he had to do 11 months in prison for a fifth degree felony of domestic violence, he wrote saying hes gonna take me to court to get his daughter. Good luck with that. I’ve learned a lot from this and I can say I am happy that this man thing has him. Because I would never go back to someone that tried to kill their daughter. She thinks she’s going to be happy, wait till hr gets out and you will see why he was in prison. The first time he wasn’t in prison for violence.