Tate Chrysler jeep dodge Fredrick Sold a damaged vehicle and refused to fix it Fredrick Maryland!!. Hi my name is Nic S. I had recently bought a car ( 2018 scion frs) from Tate Chrysler jeep Dode in Fredrick Maryland. I drove 4 hours looked at the vehicle and test drove it. Everything seemed okay. I was told if I didnt like the car or if anything went wrong and i wanted to bring it back they would be happy to get me in a different vehicle. 4 days after I brought it home the clutch completely went out of it. After taking it to a Toyota dealership and was told I was lucky to even had made it home driving it in that condition, I was furious. Tate dealership then proceeded to tell me they werent paying for it to be fixed and that I couldn’t bring the car back to get something else because the vehicle is now damaged. I had called and went back and forth being hung up on and pushed to the side for about 2 weeks before they decided to pay half of the cost. It was a $

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