Please DO NOT make a purchase with tbdress, they are a rip off! I am on a fixed income and purchased this dress as a gift for my grand daughter but when it came it was so badly sewen and not sized at all corretly. You would have had to be 7ft tall to wear it and a size 44 bust. We ordered a size 6. or small. When I tried to get instructions on returning it…none were to be found…except if we took pictures of her wearing the dress and proving to them it didn’t fit and even after that they did not want to work with us…I am 63 years old….should have known better..but didn’t. Now we are stuck with a dress we gave $104 after shipping that cannot ever be worn. I have never bought anything on the internet or thru a store that I would have to take pictures to prove anything…to get a refund…it is rediculous. They should not be allowed to sell in this country. Another case where China is hurting our country…if not by lead then by deception. When are we going to learn we cannot trust these people! Buyer be ware and please do not purchase from this company.

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